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We Provide Strength and Guidance for People During the Most Difficult Times in Their Lives

At The Copeland Law Firm, our attorneys believe that the legal counsel and representation we provide is just a part of a bigger job — to help you and your family get through a serious accident, or a criminal charge.

Any of these problems can be devastating for an entire family and, as important as your legal problems might be; we understand that there are often other issues you may be even more concerned about at the time. Our lawyers, therefore, do everything we can to help you and your family through troubled times, whether it involves a serious car accident, or a criminal charge.

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We are a result oriented group of lawyers. We feel very strongly that it is not enough for a lawyer to concentrate on just the legal aspects of a situation while ignoring other issues that can come up while the case is in progress. That is why we always work hard to help accident victims with insurance coverage problems, medical treatment, and other issues while we work hard to secure their financial compensation.

In a criminal defense matter, Mr. Copeland makes sure that the choices and resolutions he recommends to you are consistent with your long-range goals as well as the immediate legal demands of your case. This can be especially important for students who are concerned about their future and cannot afford to plead guilty to an otherwise minor charge.

Why We Do Not Advertise on Television
The Copeland Law Firm has never advertised or appeared in self-promotions on television. We know that the economics of television promotions would require us to run a high-volume operation, thus forsaking our pledge to give personal, individual attention to each of our clients. Our commitment to individual client service just will not accommodate a high-volume television-type practice. We maintain a small, energetic firm and we make sure that every family we serve benefits from our vast experience, our strength, and our devoted attention to people's needs. A client is more than a number to us. While we respect others' right to do so, we respectfully decline to do TV ads. So, you won't be seeing us on TV and we just want you to know why.

To learn how our combination of trial experience and our principled, ethical representation can benefit you in an accident claim, or a criminal arrest, contact The Copeland Law Firm in Columbia, Missouri.