When Truck Driver Fatigue Causes An Accident

Current federal regulations limit the time truck drivers can spend behind the wheel. These "hours of service" laws prohibit truck drivers from exceeding:

  • Eleven hours of driving after 10 off-duty hours
  • Fourteen consecutive on-duty hours (driving and non-driving) after 10 off-duty hours
  • Sixty hours of driving in seven consecutive on-duty days
  • Seventy hours of driving in eight consecutive on-duty days

These regulations are put in place to keep the road a safer place, but unfortunately too many drivers do not follow them. Truckers are often paid by the mile, which leads some to drive even while tired.

Driver fatigue can and has lead to a number of trucks accidents in Missouri and elsewhere throughout the country. Due to the sheer size of tractor-trailers, most truck-car accidents involved serious injuries, even fatalities. Drivers and passengers who are injured because of truck driver fatigue are entitled to compensation.

Midwest Fatal Truck Accident Attorney

The Copeland Law Firm in Columbia has more than a quarter-century of experience and has obtained millions of dollars for people in these types of truck accident cases. Our attorneys act quickly interviewing witnesses and drivers, gathering and analyzing data and evidence — including the driver's previous record and police report — and taking depositions. Throughout the process, we  will prepare your claim for negotiations and in-court appearances in order to maximize your recovery. Our approach has helped our clients receive substantial success, and we are ready to apply it to your case.

One of our successful outcomes:

In northeast Missouri, a large truck collided with a car containing children, killing an 8-year-old girl. This case settled for a total payout of approximately $3.5 million.

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