Charged With A Crime In Missouri? We Can Help You

At The Copeland Law Firm, Mr. Copeland personally advises people about the most effective ways to defend against serious felony charges or misdemeanor charges. His approach to your criminal defense problem will not only cover the demands presented by the current charges, but will also consider the implications for your long-term interests.

For dependable advice about your options, contact attorney L. G. Copeland at our office in Columbia, Missouri.

Skilled Criminal Defense Assistance With Felony Charges

No matter how serious, or apparently minor, the charges you face might be, Mr. Copeland's work starts with a hard look at the evidence against you. As an experienced attorney, he will be looking for weaknesses that can indicate the prosecution's inability to prove the essential facts it needs to get a conviction. The ultimate objective is to minimize your exposure to punishment — now and later on.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyer represents people facing such state or federal charges as the following:

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Attorney Copeland's ability to accurately assess your situation based on the evidence can expand your options for a favorable outcome through dismissal, diversion, deferral of prosecution, or alternative sentencing. He will also help protect your right to achieve an eventual sealing of your criminal records.

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