Defense Of State Or Federal Drug Possession Charges

At The Copeland Law Firm, attorney L. G. Copeland's experience resolving drug possession cases means that if there is a way to avoid or minimize your exposure to punishment in the state or federal courts, he will find it. (As Mr. Copeland often says, "I'll jump on it like a chicken on a June bug.") If drugs were found in your car during a traffic stop, or if you need advice about the consequences of a plea to marijuana possession charges, contact criminal defense lawyer L. G. Copeland at our office in Columbia, Missouri.

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Although Mr. Copeland handles felony and misdemeanor charges in state or federal court, much of his criminal defense work involving drug charges involves allegations of marijuana possession against students and other members of the University of Missouri community.

If you are a student facing drug charges, Mr. Copeland knows how to develop and present an effective defense with your future academic, occupational, or professional goals in mind. While it might be tempting to plead guilty and pay a fine on a first-offense possession charge just to be rid of the charges, the continuing consequences of even a misdemeanor drug conviction should make you think twice.

Any drug conviction can make it hard for you to get student loans, student housing, a security clearance, or a license to work in certain regulated professions. Mr. Copeland takes your long-range interests into full account while working to resolve your immediate problem.

Whenever possible, Mr. Copeland tries to make the charges go away. If there was no probable cause to support an arrest or search warrant, or if the evidence casts doubt on whether the drugs were actually in your possession, you may have a legitimate chance for a dismissal by way of a motion to suppress the evidence.

If the facts will not support a defense on the merits, Mr. Copeland will use his knowledge of sentencing alternatives and diversion to protect your record. He can also advise you about the complicated process of sealing criminal records if he cannot steer your case away from the criminal justice system.

For reliable advice about the full range of your options on charges of drug possession, contact Mr. Copeland at The Copeland Law Firm in Columbia, Missouri.