Underage Drinking And Drug Charges Against Students

College and university students have both advantages and disadvantages in the defense of criminal charges. If you have been arrested for minor in possession or misdemeanor marijuana charges, you probably will not run the risk of serious punishment if your record is otherwise clean. On the other hand, a criminal conviction on a guilty plea can affect your future prospects, and you might have to fight charges that someone else could afford to "plead out." Mr. Copeland has 25 years of experience in how to keep a conviction off your record.

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Contact Mr. Copeland, personally, at The Copeland Law Firm in Columbia, Missouri, if you need the help of a successful criminal defense lawyer for advice about the best ways to resolve a student's difficulties with such criminal charges as the following:

  • Marijuana possession or possession with intent to sell
  • Minor in possession of alcohol
  • DWI / DUI
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Assault or weapons offenses
  • Theft, trespass, vandalism, or other property crimes

His familiarity with alternative sentencing options and pretrial diversion programs in Central Missouri can help you find ways to resolve criminal charges without the need for a formal defense through trial or a plea.

If a full-scale defense on the merits will be necessary under the facts of your case, Mr. Copeland's 25 years of experience in court can give you an advantage in holding the government to the strict burden of proof in its case against you. He knows that the government has a heavy burden of proof (beyond any reasonable doubt) and he knows how to put the presumption of innocence to work for you.

Mr. Copeland, our criminal defense attorney, works closely with students and their families to make sure that his approach to your case not only fits the demands of the current charges but also protects your future.

To learn more about his experience with the resolution of criminal charges ranging from drug possession to alcohol offenses or assault, contact Mr. Copeland at The Copeland Law Firm in Columbia, Missouri.