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Your personal life and the law should be clearly separated, but when your familial relationships become strained, divorce law will likely influence your loved ones and your future.

At The Copeland Law Firm, attorney Ernie S. Ueligger is skilled in family law issues, including divorce, prenuptial agreements and paternity actions. Mr. Ueligger's practice in the family law area primarily involves divorce and agreements regarding child care and parenting time, property division, and support payments for children and ex-spouses.

These can be particularly sensitive issues, especially when spouses have a particularly contentious relationship. Mr. Ueligger will do everything possible to ease the transition for you and to protect your rights as assertively as necessary - whether in settlement negotiations or courtroom proceedings.

The Copeland Law Firm has helped individuals throughout the Midwest with reliable and strategic legal representation since 1984. Put our experience to work in your divorce case by arranging a consultation with attorney Ernie S. Ueligger.

Legal Separation Versus Divorce: What Is Right For My Situation?

A common question we receive from clients involves the term "legal separation" and what it means for spouses who are separating.

Legal separation and divorce are very similar. They both involve determining favorable agreements and/or outcomes related to child custody, visitation and parenting time, property division, spousal support (commonly known as alimony), child support, and other complex issues that involve family life.

The main difference between legal separation and divorce is that when a legal separation is completed, the two parties are still married under the law. A divorce, on the other hand, results in the marriage being terminated.

Why would anyone want a legal separation instead of a divorce? In some cases, religious or moral beliefs play a role. A married couple may want to remain married, but want to have all legal protections possible related to their children and their personal finances.

A legal separation can also sometimes allow a couple to continue sharing health insurance coverage, which can be especially beneficial if one party has special needs and losing insurance could jeopardize his or her welfare.

In the most general scenario, legal separation is pursued when a couple thinks that the marriage may be salvageable in the future, but current circumstances (such as a substance abuse problem) may warrant legal protection for both parties.

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