Injured In A Bicycle Accident In Columbia? Get Help Today.

There are wonderful bicycling opportunities in Columbia. In addition to scenic trails, road lanes are designated specifically for cyclists, and with "greener" philosophies and economic incentives for riding a bike, more and more people are cycling. With this growing number of cyclists on the road, there are unfortunately a growing number of accidents.

Due to varying cyclist rights, these types of accident cases can be difficult to prove. In order to arrive at the best possible outcome with maximum compensation, it is critical to seek out an experienced attorney.

What We Can Do For You

If you are injured in a bike accident on a dangerous road or as a pedestrian accident in a crosswalk, we will quickly investigate the facts, monitor your recovery, and present your damages claims to the responsible parties and their insurers. We are progressive lawyers and support cyclists and are committed to doing everything we can if you or a loved one has been injured.

Many times emergency treatment in these cases is focused only on obvious injuries (such as broken bones). The problem is that head trauma and some knee or shoulder injuries are often overlooked and can create significant problems in the long term.

Because we at The Copeland Law Firm fully understand these complex issues, we have obtained many millions of dollars for people in personal injury cases in more than 25 years of practice. We move quickly to analyze and collect all facts to prepare these kinds of cases for litigation from the outset. Our comprehensive approach lends itself to the greatest chance for negotiation and settlement, and we are ready to apply it to your case.

To discuss any aspect of a bike crash with a Columbia bicycle accident lawyer, call 573-397-5277 or e-mail the firm.