Were You Rear-Ended In A Car Accident In Missouri?

Rear-end car accidents can occur at virtually any speed and anywhere. They are typically the result of a driver not paying attention to the speed and movement of the car in front of him or her. If you were rear-ended, the motion of your car being pushed forward most likely caused your body — specifically your neck, back and head — to lurch forward and back. This is why back and neck injuries are the most common injuries sustained in rear-end car accidents.

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Our law firm handles the full range of injury claims that can arise from rear-end collisions. In addition to serious injury claims, we represent families whose relatives have died in fatal car accidents involving rear-endings. If you were rear-ended and sustained any of the following injuries, our attorneys can assist you in seeking fair compensation for your losses.

Was your car damaged in a rear-end collision? In addition to handling your personal injury claims, we can assist with all aspects of your property damage claim. We handle this portion of your claim completely free of charge.

While rear-end collisions often occur at stop signs and stoplights, they can also occur on and in:

  • Parking lots
  • Parking ramps
  • Exit ramps
  • Entrance ramps
  • Interstates
  • Residential streets
  • City streets

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