When Road Conditions Lead To Accidents

Not all motor vehicle accidents result directly from negligent or distracted driving. Sometimes the driving conditions themselves play a major role in creating a hazardous condition — anything from the weather to the state of highway maintenance can serve as a factor.

If you were injured in an accident in a highway construction zone, maintenance zone, or on a road that was poorly designed or maintained, you can strengthen your claim for damages by turning to a lawyer who knows how to investigate dangerous road conditions.

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Just as negligent driving can result in liability against the other motorist, negligent road maintenance, dangerous road conditions, or poorly marked and flagged construction zones can also result in liability against the responsible state or local agency. Of course, you will have to know about all of the limiting "caps" involving a claim against a government agency and how they apply in your case.

By us finding other, additional sources of compensation, you will be less likely to face the situation that the available insurance coverage will fall short of what is necessary to pay the damages we are able to prove on your behalf.

Proving that a particular road condition was dangerous does not by itself establish your right to compensation in a motor vehicle accident. We also need to prove that the hazard was known, that proper warnings or corrective measures could have made the road safer, and that it was the responsibility of a particular public or private entity to do so. These are almost always complex cases requiring sophisticated knowledge and tactics to get a favorable result.

We help people throughout Missouri (as well as Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, and Illinois) with car and truck accident claims that involve such dangerous conditions as:

  • Poor visibility on grades or curves
  • Poor maintenance of uneven or potholed roads
  • Narrow or nonexistent shoulder
  • Missing signs or defective signals
  • Allowing roads to be overgrown by trees or shrubs that block speed limit or stop signs
  • Improper safety procedures in construction zones
  • Inadequate signage in construction zones

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