Your Legal Options After A Fatal Accident

We know that the sudden death of a loved one can devastate an entire family. At The Copeland Law Firm, our wrongful death lawyers help families put their lives back together. While we can't undo what was done, we can help survivors go on with their lives.

Our law firm is hardworking and aggressive in obtaining justice for people and families that have suffered the loss of a family member. We help people in wrongful death cases in Columbia and throughout Missouri, as well as in all surrounding states.

Strong And Compassionate Representation For Families

Our attorneys provide strength and guidance when it matters most. We represent surviving family members of people killed in accidents, including:

Our approach is simple: Leave no stone unturned. We strive to find the best possible outcome for our clients because our clients deserve fair and just compensation after losing a loved one to the carelessness of a company or an individual.

Why We Don't Advertise On Television

Hiring an attorney is a big decision. We do not take your situation lightly, which is why we give every client our undivided attention. We are passionate about helping families during one of the hardest times in their lives and believe that such work must be handled with care. To do this effectively, we do not advertise on television, and we just wanted to let you know why.

Tireless Advocates With A History Of Success

The Copeland Law Firm has established an impressive record of success in wrongful death cases. We work tirelessly to help you recover just compensation for your loss. Contact us online or call us at 573-397-5277 to schedule a free consultation with our attorneys.