I would highly recommend to anyone seeking Legal representation to contact The Copeland Law Firm. The staff at Copeland Law Firm are professional, friendly, and attentive. Attorney L. G. Copeland is very competent, knowledgeable, and personable. A little research will convince you that Copeland Law Firm is clearly of the most outstanding law firms in the Central Missouri area. If I am ever in need of Legal council again, I will not hesitate to contact the Copeland Law Firm again. Thank you Mr. Copeland and all your staff for the outstanding work.


The biggest thank you to Mr Copeland!!!! During the worst time in my life you were there! I thought I was going to lose everything from my job to my kids. I have never been so scared in my life. Having my whole world shattered and facing jail time for something so awful happening to me. I felt lost and hopeless. I can never thank you enough for pushing back and not settling for less than I deserved in my case. You made no promises, but explained my options and why you were advising me to consider not accepting the plea bargain that was offered. I know I was guilty of my actions, but you got the judge to see that although I may have been guilty on my part, there were other factors you wanted the judge to consider and it was the "victim" who was really guilty in their actions. I cried with relief when the judge did not impose a sentence and it was even better than we were hoping for! I know I won't ever need a lawyer for criminal actions again, but I would recommend you to my dearest friends and relatives in the event that they would need a good, honest lawyer! Thank you so much Mr Copeland!!!!!! I don't know that I can say it enough! I will forever be grateful.

-R. D.

I have the utmost respect for The Copeland Law firm in regards to a personal injury claim that I was involved in 2010. Their professionalism in such a difficult case insured that me, and my family were taken care of through a difficult time. The Copeland law firm also connected me with mid Missouri’s best medical group for a very professional outcome to my claim. Accidents are something that we all try to avoid, but many times it just doesn't happen with a very good outcome regardless of the precautions we take. In my case, it was inevitable that The Copeland Law Firm was efficient, prompt, and understanding in every way possible, with a great outcome for us through such a difficult time. Thank you Copeland Law Firm.


Mr. Copeland is one of the most compassionate and professional individuals I have met in my life. The reason I had even heard about the Copeland Law Firm was due to its distinguished reputation in the community and I can now appreciate how many clients this organization has helped, being one of them.

I instantly noticed that Mr. Copeland has abundant experience and wisdom in regards to how the legal and judiciary system functions. I cannot emphasize enough the importance that was given to my case in regards to the acute intervention and also obtaining effective results. Mr. Copeland provided moral support to my family and diffused any tension that was presumed in obtaining legal representation.

I would recommend his services to any of my colleagues and family without reservation.

Thank you Mr. Copeland.


I am writing to express my thanks and gratitude for all the services you and your office has provided to me. I must say, the first time we met I was very skeptical due to the fact you are a young attorney and the way the case sounded did not give me confidence. One thing I did like about that meeting though, is that you were a straight shooter, you made me no promises only possibilities or options. It was made clear from the start that the facts of my case made for a good one, but nothing was guaranteed which was good because there was not any false hopes. Your office comes highly recommended from me and I would advise anyone seeking legal advice to your and I wouldn't hesitate to retain your services again.

Anytime I ever called your office of you called me back, which was great because you always kept in touch with me and kept me updated. You and your staff were always very nice and respectful. Although, the whole process took a while, which you said in the beginning it would, patience is a virtue. In the end, it took right at a year to settle, but the hospital was made happy and I know I was.

In conclusion, I'm very thankful to The Copeland Law Firm and all their abilities. I hope I never have to ask for your help again, but I know if I do, justice will be served. Thank you very much once again, and always remember my name because you never know when you might hear it again.

-A. S.

The minute I walked in the door at Copeland law firm all my nerves involving my case went away. After the first consultation, I felt way more comfortable knowing that I had this attorney on my side. Mr. Copeland does an excellent job of making each client a top priority no matter how small the case. He is keen in sharing with his clients the various options on how to approach each case based on any situation. Also, after a case is done and over with, he is still available to his clients to answer questions related to the case for interviews, applications, or anytime someone asks question regarding criminal history. He is a fantastic lawyer who can solve all legal problems at a reasonable price.

-J. H.