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Missouri teens hurt in one-car crash

A one-vehicle accident in Ste. Genevieve County on Jan. 1st, left two teens injured. The incident happened at 9:15 in the evening on Route 0, south of Interstate 55.

The car accident took place after a 19-year-old Ste. Genevieve man driving a 2006 Nissan 350Z overcorrected left after partially going off road on the southbound Route O. This led to the vehicle rotating counterclockwise and as a result going off the left-hand side of the road and hitting an embankment. This crash caused the vehicle to overturn multiple times and finally come to a stop upside down on the left side of the road.

How to drive around semitrucks safely

passing a truck.jpeg

The responsibility to drive in a safe manner falls on every driver on the road. Unfortunately, many don't take this responsibility very seriously.

Instead, there are many drivers who take risks that lead to serious accidents. While you can't prevent someone else from hitting you, you can drive as safely as you can so that you don't share in the responsibility of a crash if one does occur.

Common errors that cause most car crashes

Drivers in Missouri have to make countless choices while navigating traffic. Even a minor decision could increase or decrease safety. More and more crash data recorded by cameras and other sensors have enabled researchers to calculate the causes of many accidents. With the country currently experiencing a sharp rise in traffic fatalities, such insights should encourage people to be more mindful of their actions while behind the wheel.

Drowsiness could affect any person, especially during late hours or after insufficient sleep. According to crash studies, sleepy drivers cause 7 percent of wrecks and 21 percent of accidents that kill people. Multitasking presents another hazard, especially when drivers make a rolling right turn at a red light. While checking to the left for traffic, drivers often allow their vehicles to move slowly to the right. If pedestrians or bicyclists happen to be in the way, people might not see them in time to avoid an accident.

What are reasonable suspicion and probable cause with DUI cases?

questioning cop.jpeg

If a police officer did not have "reasonable suspicion" that you were committing a crime, the officer cannot pull you over and conduct a drunk driving stop. This is the case even if you shouldn't have been driving.

The legal requirement of "reasonable suspicion" is vital for anyone charged with drunk driving in Missouri. Did the police officer have a good reason to stop you? If not, you might be able to get your charges thrown out.

President institutes Impaired Driving Prevention Month

With the holidays just around the corner, Missouri residents may partake of too much holiday cheer. Unfortunately, some of them may decide to get behind the wheel and possibly not arrive at their destination.

Impaired driving is a problem any time of the year, but some people seem to drink more alcohol during this merriest of seasons. If they drink and drive, they could cause a car accident, injuring or even killing others on the road. This is why the White House has named December as Impaired Driving Prevention Month. The press release noted that someone dies in an alcohol-related accident approximately every 50 minutes in the United States.

Pokémon Go and its effect on car accident rates

After its launch in July 2016, Pokémon Go became a gaming phenomenon in Missouri and across the US. However, it also led to many reports of players being injured and even killed due to an obsession with the game. A study by two professors at Purdue University has revealed some startling statistics that show what effect Pokémon Go has had on car accident rates in particular.

The study's authors analyzed nearly 12,000 crash reports in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, during the months preceding and following the launch of Pokémon Go. They found an increase in the number of accidents at intersections within 100 meters of a Pokéstop, which is a location that players must visit to obtain in-game items. Before the Pokéstops were developed, these intersections were marked by 26.5 percent fewer accidents.

Medication for drivers with ADHD may lower crash risk

Many Missouri motorists may have, or be familiar with, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This neurodevelopmental disorder is characterized by short attention spans, impulsiveness, and other signs of hyperactivity like excessive talking, tapping, and fidgeting. With age, the hyperactivity may recede, but this still leaves drivers with difficulty resisting impulsive actions like texting, talking on the phone, and playing with the radio.

Researchers published a study in JAMA Psychiatry that compared the crash risk of drivers with ADHD to those without the condition. They reviewed the health insurance claims filed between 2005 and 2014, identifying over 2.3 million Americans over 18 with ADHD, and compared their crash risk to that of an age-matched and sex-matched control group without ADHD. As might be expected, those with ADHD were at a higher risk for car crashes.

NHTSA wants to remove obstacles to driverless cars

Residents of Missouri may have to wait for self-driving vehicles to make an appearance. Just as a Senate bill was passed to speed up the production and testing of such vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has hit a roadblock concerning the development of auto safety standards. In a report that the agency will make public by the end of November, it requests comments from other organizations regarding the kind of research it must undertake before writing any permanent rules.

Automakers follow close to 75 auto safety regulations, many of which are incompatible with self-driving vehicles. The NHTSA asks for input on which it should rewrite and which it should eliminate altogether. The research that is potentially involved could take years to complete, prompting some to look to Congress for further action.

Can I plead self-defense after a bar fight?

men fighting.jpeg

For many college students, the responsibilities of adulthood and a clear perspective of legal liability do not come hand in hand. In far too many cases, very bright young individuals with good opportunities ahead of them derail themselves with criminal charges. With a better understanding of criminal law, they may understand why it is important to avoid physical altercations.

Despite the fact that fights break out in the bars in T.V. shows every several minutes, these kinds of interactions can lead to serious criminal charges in the real world. Depending on the circumstances and the outcome of the fight, a student who gets into a bar fight may find it very difficult to continue his or her education or even get a job.

Car accident fatality rates rise for second straight year

Missouri residents may drive cars that either drive themselves in certain situations or come with modern safety features. Despite that, fatal car crashes increased in the United States for the second straight year in 2016. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there was a 5.6 percent increase from 2015 to 2016.

Overall, there were 37,461 deaths on American roads, the highest total in nine years, and an increase in motorcycle deaths was a key reason. Failure to wear safety belts as well as a tendency for drivers to speed were also cited as key reasons for the increase over the past two years. However, deaths attributed to distracted driving were actually down 2.2 percent from 2015 to 3,450 according to NHTSA data. In 2016, there was a 4 percent increase in deaths attributed to speeding.

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