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April 2012 Archives

Train accident in St. Louis injures 2

One of the most frightening thoughts any of us might have is to be helplessly stuck on train tracks as a locomotive charges toward us with no more than a few moments to rush to safety. A train accident is often treacherous, whether it occurs in Missouri or anyplace else, if for no other reason than the difference in size between the train and virtually any other vehicle with which it may collide. At times, obstructed views, poorly marked railroad crossings and even a train speeding on the tracks may explain the wreck that occurs. When that other vehicle is a car, the consequences are often disastrous. Unfortunately, two people ended up in a similar situation in St. Louis on April 24.

Wrongful death in Miller County: 3 dead, 2-day-old baby survives

A horrific crash on Feb. 28 in Miller County claimed the life of a husband and wife, along with their 3-year-old boy. Their newborn son, 2 days old, survived the crash and is now living with his maternal grandparents. On March 19, the deceased husband's mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the 19-year-old girl who is said to have caused the fatal accident. It alleges the teenager was negligent and careless by speeding and crossing the center line of Missouri Highway 52 at Brown Road, causing a head-on collision with the family, who lived in Eldon.

2 passengers killed in Missouri river drunk driving crash

A car accident can happen in an instant -- often the result of just one error in judgment or one distracted moment. But a drunk driver in Missouri is something altogether different. When someone makes a decision to drink and drive, that misjudgment goes beyond a case of simple negligence. And when a resulting accident causes the death of one or more victims, both criminal and civil penalties can apply. That may be the case for a 24-year-old woman who crashed her Jeep into a river in the early morning hours of April 7.

$1.4 million settlement for wrongful death by Columbia city bus

The negligent actions of a city bus driver have led the City of Columbia, Missouri, to pay $1.4 million to the family of a deceased motorcycle rider. The motorcyclist was passed away in 2010, the day after he suffered catastrophic injuries in the bus collision.

Hospital and police investigated over alleged wrongful death

A homeless woman who sought medical treatment for a sprained ankle died last September while in police custody. Outrage is growing over her death after video tapes have been released showing her moaning and screaming, then being dragged and locked into a cell where she died. The family is now pursuing independent investigations to identify all responsible individuals and entities.

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