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November 2012 Archives

Sneezing alleged to have led to Missouri car accident

Medical conditions of all sorts can be pointed to be as being a factor in a car accident. However, regardless of what condition a driver suffered from when they caused the car accident, this may not free them from potential criminal and civil penalties. In a recent tragic case, Missouri police have pointed to a woman's sneezing fit as the reason why two cars collided.

69-year-old man injured in Racine train accident

At first glance, many train accidents that involve motor vehicles can appear to be the result of the vehicle not properly yielding to the train. However, despite the fact that many of these accidents occur at designated railroad crossings, the cause of the accident may not be as clear-cut as people may initially think. Only by taking a complete look at the circumstances surrounding the accident can the cause be truly understood.

Avoiding a Missouri truck accident can be difficult to accomplish

Large trucks are everywhere, transporting a wide range of goods across Missouri each day. These trucks can be difficult to operate, especially if other vehicles do not give the driver of the truck the proper opportunity to maneuver through traffic. When a truck is forced to make sudden movements on the road, this can lead to a dangerous truck accident that can put the occupants of the truck and other Missouri motorists at serious risk of personal injuries.

Missouri woman killed in car accident, 3 others hospitalized

Drivers of vehicles involved in accidents are some of the most susceptible to sustaining serious injuries. However, despite their risk and the injuries they may sustain in a car accident, they may still be held responsible for injuries that were sustained by the passengers in the vehicle if it is determined that the driver was negligent. In a recent tragic Missouri car accident, the driver was killed and three others were sent to the hospital after they were involved in an early morning collision with another vehicle.

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