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July 2013 Archives

Missouri rear-end car accident leads to injuries

Whenever a car is stopped in the roadway in order to make a turn, it can be a white-knuckle feeling for the stopped driver if other cars are coming up behind them. The majority of the time, cars slow then stop whenever they come upon a car waiting to turn with no issue. However, a recent Missouri car accident appears to have resulted from a car not stopping in time whenever someone was stopped in the roadway.

Man could face wrongful death suit from hit and run accident

A hit and run accident that happened in early July has turned deadly. The man who was responsible for the Missouri accident faces criminal charges related to the incident. Now that the victim has passed away, there may be cause for the family to file a wrongful death suit in a state civil court.

Missouri car accident leaves passenger fatally injured

Any time a vehicle leaves the road and rolls over, there is a high risk of injury for anyone in the vehicle. Recently in Missouri, a rollover crash left a passenger fatally injured and the driver was injured also. The man who died from the rollover car accident was 24-years-old.

Missouri man faces serious charges after fatal car accident

Fleeing to avoid answering questions or to avoid a potential arrest may not be in the best interest of anyone involved in a car accident. Police are currently searching for a man who has fled rather than face arrest for his alleged role in a Missouri highway car accident. The man is known to police but is not in custody.

Missouri car accident kills 1 and injures many

Anytime a car is hit from behind on the interstate, there is the potential for serious injuries or worse. For a car load of people in Missouri recently, being hit from behind caused a number of injuries in both vehicles and also the death of a woman. In fact, an 18-year-old woman was killed and six people were injured in the car accident.

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