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September 2013 Archives

Missouri car accident kills 1, injures many

Whenever people come to an intersection, there usually isn't cause for concern if everyone follows the rules of the road. However, if one person fails to follow basic traffic rules, a car accident can occur. Recently in Missouri, a car accident at an intersection left one man dead and several other people seriously injured.

Missouri man dies from car accident while mowing lawn

When someone is outside doing lawn work, the dangers of the road may be far from their minds. However, for one particular Missouri man, mowing the lawn at a church was enough to bring the dangers of a slick roadway right to him. A car accident happened on a slick turn and the man was hit.

Missouri car accident blamed on driver that lost control of car

Anytime someone is on the road driving, paying attention to the actions of drivers and vehicles around them is imperative. However, being aware can't prevent every kind of car accident from occurring on Missouri roadways. One recent car accident also proves that having a car parked is not even a fool proof way to avoid being involved in a crash.

Missouri car accident leaves several injured

Any kind of car crash on the road can be complicate to figure out and result in injuries. However, when there are multiple vehicles involved, it can be all the more complicated. Recently in Missouri, a car accident involving three vehicles led to a number of injuries for several.

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