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October 2013 Archives

Missouri car accident leads to multiple injuries

Whenever people and their passengers are on the road, it is easy to simply assume every other driver on the road is conscious of the rules of the road and is working to obey those laws. However, a car accident can happen at any time even if you are obeying those laws. It is simply a fact that others either disregard the rules of the road in Missouri or they simply makes mistakes that can lead to car accidents.

Teen faces charges in fatal Missouri car accident

Any time cars pass each other on the roadway, it can lead to an accident. It can be especially dangerous if a car collides with another while trying to pass on the road. For an 18-year-old girl, the action of passing on the roadway led to a fatal Missouri car accident. She just pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the incident.

Missouri car accident takes woman's life

Sitting at a red light in the middle of the afternoon is not a place or time someone may expect to be involved in a car crash. For one woman, these very circumstances led to her involvement in a car accident that proved to be deadly at a Missouri intersection. The victim was a well-known and beloved dance instructor, wife, competitive dancer and former professional cheerleader.

High speed Missouri car accident leads to injuries

Any time there is a car accident that involves cars traveling at high rate of speed on the roadway or cars racing, the chances for injuries can be greatly increased for anyone nearby or involved. Recently in Missouri, a car accident that has been reportedly blamed on speeding has sent several people to the hospital with injuries. There is currently an investigation into the car accident to determine exactly what happened.

Missouri car accident leads to a number of injuries

Anytime a car is on the road and loses control for just a second, anyone driving on that same road can be put at a higher risk of an accident. Whether that loss of control is purely accidental or due to reckless behavior or not, anyone nearby can suffer the consequences of unwittingly becoming the victim of a car accident. Recently in Missouri, one such accident where a vehicle lost control occurred and several people were injured in the process.

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