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December 2013 Archives

Multi-vehicle car accident proves deadly in Missouri

Any kind of car accident can be distressing and disrupt the flow of traffic at a moment's notice. When there is a multi-vehicle car accident on the road, the aftermath can naturally be much more traumatic. Recently, a Missouri chain reaction car wreck caused a great deal of havoc and led to the death of one man. It also caused the shutdown of the roadway for some time.

Truck accident in Missouri involves 7 vehicles, injuries

Anytime there is an accident involving more than two vehicles, it can be difficult to determine what happened or who may be at fault. Whenever there is a truck involved, the injuries can be compounded by the sheer weight and size of the vehicles. A Missouri truck accident recently occurred, and a total of seven vehicles were involved.

Missouri car accident leaves man injured in Boone County

When someone is heading down the road following the law, they may assume everyone around them is abiding by the rules of the road just as they are. However, the behavior or actions of other drivers may put alert and law-abiding drivers at risk at any time. Recently in Missouri, a car accident occurred as one vehicle drove right into the path of another not far from Paris.

Car accident at Missouri coffee shop results in injuries

Standing in line waiting for a cup of Joe is a daily routine for many and it almost always goes off without a hitch. However, even standing in line at a favorite coffee shop can be in invitation to disaster if the wrong person is behind the wheel of a vehicle nearby. Recently in Missouri, a car plowed through a Starbucks and the car accident left injuries customers in its wake.

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