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April 2014 Archives

Missouri hit-and-run accident leaves one injured, one deceased

Whenever people walk along the road or make their way across streets, they may do so with a certain amount of confidence in their safety. Most cars notice pedestrians in the road and proceed according to the safety of those pedestrians and other drivers. However, a recent hit-and-run accident in Missouri highlights just how dangerous crossing the street may be and how some drivers may not take the safety and well-being of pedestrians into consideration as they should.

Missouri car accident takes life of passenger

Whenever a person climbs into a vehicle as a passenger, they are literally putting their lives in the hands of the driver. Drivers accept a certain level of responsibility when transporting passengers and are required to exercise reasonable care concerning the passengers and others in or near the roadway. If a passenger dies as the result of a car accident caused by the negligence of the driver, a wrongful death claim for monetary damages in a Missouri civil court may be an appropriate course of action for the victim's surviving family.

Deadly car accident occurs on Missouri roadway hilltop

In many rural locales, there are many hilly and winding roads. While scenic to drive, these hills, crest and winding turns can be the site of a car accident when people simply can't see what is ahead or around the next corner. A recent Missouri car accident proved deadly as a car and a pickup truck met on the top of a hill.

Missouri car accident injures several, kills 1

Being the passenger in a car is essentially like putting one's life in the hands of another. Drivers have a legal obligation to use reasonable care when transporting passengers in their vehicle. If a car accident occurs and passengers or other motorists are injured or worse, a driver may face both criminal and civil consequences. A recent Missouri car accident left several injured and also took the life of an 18-year-old passenger.

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