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June 2014 Archives

2 vehicle car accident in Missouri ends with fatality

Anytime cars are approaching one another from opposite directions, there is a need for both drivers to pay close attention and remain in control of their vehicles at all times. Whenever one driver loses control for any reason, there may be an increased risk of a car accident. On a Missouri road recently, one out of control vehicle seemed to have been the catalyst for a fatal car accident.

Intoxicated man initiates police chase causing fatal car accident

When an officer of the law attempts to pull someone over, arguably the worst action that person can take is speeding away and prompting a car chase. Car chases are not only dangerous to the person driving, but also cause great risk for others in or near the roadway, including any passengers in the car of the person fleeing authorities. A man who decided to initiate a chase with Missouri officers instead of being pulled over is now facing second-degree murder charges after causing a car accident that killed his passenger.

3 people killed in Missouri car accident on Hwy 60

Whenever a driver loses control of a motor vehicle for any reason, a car accident is a distinct possibility. It can result in injuries or even lead to fatalities. A recent Missouri car accident resulted in the death of three individuals, and other victims were injured and in need of medical attention.

Failing to yield may be cause of car accident in Missouri

Whenever cars come to intersection or points of entry to different lanes or roadways, there are right of way laws that must be obeyed. Whenever someone does not follow these rules of the road, a car accident can occur and lead to injuries or worse. A recent Missouri car accident left nine people injured, and it appears that a failure to yield may have been the reason why the crash occurred.

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