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August 2014 Archives

Missouri car accident takes 1 life, injures passenger

When a person has a passenger in his or her car, the life of that passenger essentially becomes the responsibility of the driver. Whenever there is a car accident that results in injury to a passenger, the family of that passenger or the passenger themselves may be able to pursue damages through the civil court system. In Missouri, a recent car accident left the passenger injured while the driver did not survive the incident.

Missouri car accident takes 1 life, injures 3

Whenever cars are coming toward each other on the road, there may be a feeling of apprehension, as an accident can occur if one driver isn’t following the rules of the road. A head-on collision between two cars can be particularly devastating to the people driving and any passengers they may have with them. One recent car accident in Missouri appears to have occurred because one driver crossed the center line while approaching an oncoming car.

Missouri attorneys are here to help with a head-on car accident

Head-on car accidents are a terrifying and potentially fatal possible occurrence for any Missouri motorist. Apart from fatal crashes, these types of collisions may also cause serious and sometimes permanent injuries to those involved. In the event that you or one of your loved ones is injured in a head-on car accident, it is important to know that experienced attorneys are available to provide you with the knowledge and assistance that you would need.

After a Missouri car accident, what damages could you claim?

Sometimes, when a person is involved in a car accident, that person could be seriously injured and want to file a civil suit. When choosing to file a personal injury suit, it is important to be aware of the different types of damages that may be claimed. Here's a brief explanation of the damages that you could possibly claim after suffering serious injuries in a Missouri car accident.

Who is at fault in a chain reaction car accident?

Some car accidents may make it easy for investigators or injured parties to pinpoint a negligent party. Yet, there are other times when this may be more difficult. One scenario that can cause confusion among Missouri drivers is who is at fault when a chain reaction car accident occurs.

A Missouri truck accident can involve many factors

Virtually everyone in Missouri knows that special training is required in order to drive an 18-wheeler. Not only is this required because of the complexity of a big-rig's engine, but also because it takes skill to maneuver these big and heavy vehicles — especially when loaded. The training that the men and women who drive these behemoths receive includes safety measures aimed at preventing a truck accident.

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