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A Missouri truck accident can involve many factors

Virtually everyone in Missouri knows that special training is required in order to drive an 18-wheeler. Not only is this required because of the complexity of a big-rig's engine, but also because it takes skill to maneuver these big and heavy vehicles — especially when loaded. The training that the men and women who drive these behemoths receive includes safety measures aimed at preventing a truck accident.

However, these accidents still occur often across the country. A truck accident can be caused by many different things. One common thread that seems to appear whether the accident is caused by a passenger vehicle, some smaller commercial vehicle or a tractor-trailer is that there is a lack of understanding of the limitations of a big rig.

Tractor-trailers require a much greater stopping distance than any other vehicle due to its size and weight. Many people will attempt to "beat" a truck through an intersection or cut in front of a semi. Either of these actions can easily lead to an accident.

Many Missouri drivers may not realize that these large vehicles have multiple blind spots, and a truck driver may not even know that a vehicle is there. Even if an experienced truck driver is behind the wheel, this is potentially dangerous. If a driver is not adequately trained or experienced at driving a truck, the danger increases.

Both tractor-trailer drivers and other drivers need to remain vigilant in order to avoid a truck accident. When an accident with a semi-truck does occur, the damage to both people and property can be disastrous. Each year, many people are severely injured or killed in wrecks involving 18-wheelers, and some of them were most likely preventable.

Source: FindLaw, "Common Causes of Truck Accidents", , July 25, 2014

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