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November 2014 Archives

Teen passenger dies in Missouri car accident

There are many factors that can lead to a car accident. Road conditions, vehicle malfunction, weather conditions, the behavior of other drivers and driver error are just a few of the reasons a car accident may occur and leave drivers and passengers injured or worse. One recent car accident in Missouri left a teenager dead and several other people injured.

It is vital to act fast after a Missouri car accident

A car accident is not really an expected occurrence when people venture out and about. When one occurs, all other plans fall to the wayside until the car accident is dealt with. While getting necessary medical attention is a vital first step after a car accident, those in Missouri who find themselves the victims of accidents may want to be keenly aware of how securing legal help quickly can impact the situation.

Chain reaction car accident injures 3 in Missouri

Whenever anyone in a vehicle is stopped and waiting to turn onto another street or to go across an intersection, they may be a proverbial sitting duck. There simply is no way to tell if or when a vehicle can be rear-ended while in that vulnerable position and how many vehicles may inadvertently become involved. Recently in Missouri, a man and his wife found themselves injured in a car accident as they sat waiting for the opportunity to turn.

Failure to yield cited as cause in Missouri car accident

The process of coming onto and exiting highways can be difficult to maneuver and is often the site of accidents. When someone interferes with a large truck or tractor-trailer on a highway, any resulting accident may be considerable. Recently in Missouri, a car reportedly failed to yield to a tractor-trailer and a car accident occurred as a result.

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