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January 2015 Archives

Car accident leads to injuries in Missouri

Even when someone is abiding by the rules of the road, he or she may find him or herself reminded that not everyone else on the road may be doing the same. If another person on the road is acting recklessly or breaking the law in some way, that person may be putting others at risk for injury or worse. Several people in Missouri became car accident injury victims recently because of the allegedly reckless behavior of another driver.

Missouri pedestrian dies after being struck in car accident

Crossing the road can be dangerous under any circumstances as pedestrians are essentially trusting drivers to be observant and cautious when they come upon them. When a car accident involves a pedestrian, the injuries sustained by that pedestrian are often severe, as pedestrians have no protection from the force of an impact, which is great, regardless of how fast a vehicle may be going. For one pedestrian in Missouri, a pedestrian versus car accident proved to be fatal.

Wrong way car accident takes a life in Missouri

Driving on the highways, particularly at night, is often a dangerous endeavor even when all parties around are alert and appear to be abiding by the rules of the road. Whenever a car is in the wrong lane for travel or is completely going the wrong way, the potential for a car accident is greatly increased. At night, the risk to others may be greater still. These unfortunate variables seemed to have been the cause of a car accident that recently took the life of a driver on a Missouri roadway.

Missouri truck accident takes 5 lives on Interstate 435

When smaller vehicles share the road with tractor-trailer trucks, there may always be the potential for an accident. Because of the vast difference in size, an accident involving a big rig can lead to extensive damages and severe injuries. This was the case after a recent Missouri truck accident occurred and several people lost their lives as a result.

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