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June 2015 Archives

Car accident injures passenger in Missouri

Regardless of the severity of injuries, anyone injured in a car accident may incur medical bills, lost wages or other monetary losses as he or she tries to recover afterwards. When a passenger is injured in a car accident, that passenger may be able to seek damages from the party responsible for the crash, whether that party is the driver of the car or a driver of another vehicle who is deemed culpable for the crash. In Missouri recently, a passenger was injured in a car accident when the car she was riding in was hit by another driver.

Auto accidents and falls major causes of brain injuries

Auto accidents are the cause of a significant percentage of traumatic brain injuries nationwide, including in Missouri, and are the primary cause of deaths related to TBI. While falls are the cause of most brain injuries, car accidents come a close second. Brain injuries can be suffered by means of closed head injuries or open head injuries, and they are not always immediately evident. Symptoms such as nausea, headaches, sleeping problems, paralysis and problems with motor and sensory actions often develop in days or weeks after an accident and can indicate brain trauma.

Missouri car accident blamed on wrong-way driver

A driver traveling in the wrong direction on a roadway is a recipe for disaster and can easily lead to a car accident, especially when someone going the right way least expects it. Wrong-way driving appears to be the reason behind a recent car accident that took place on a Missouri roadway. The car accident occurred in the early morning hours in early June and is currently still under investigation by authorities.

Missouri car accident takes life of teenager

Any kind of collision can lead to serious injuries, but a collision between a smaller car and large truck can be deadly due to the difference in size of the vehicles. Tragedy struck recently in Missouri as a car and truck collided on the roadway. The car accident left a mother injured and a teenage girl dead.

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