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July 2015 Archives

Head-on car accident in Missouri takes life of 1 driver

A lack of attention to surroundings can have serious consequences for drivers and others on the road. A recent car accident in Missouri seems to have been caused by the inattention of one driver. This led to a three vehicle crash that took the life of a 34-year-old man.

Multi-vehicle car accident in Missouri results in injuries

When more than one car is involved in an accident, the chances of injuries are naturally increased. A multi-vehicle car accident recently occurred in Missouri and resulted in injuries for two of the drivers and a passenger who were involved. The mid-afternoon car accident also caused substantial damage to three vehicles.

A head-on car accident can lead to permanent injuries in Missouri

A motor vehicle accident can result in life-altering injuries, whether temporary or permanent. A head-on car accident between two vehicles, in particular, can be the source of serious knee, leg and back injuries. Those victims may find an injury suffered in a Missouri car accident can lead to permanent health and medical problems that permeate all aspects of life and can cause financial concerns as well.

Car accident on Missouri highway kills passenger

Every time a passenger gets into a vehicle, that person is putting his or her life in the hands of the driver. Moreover, the driver is taking on the legal responsibility of operating the vehicle in a safe and reasonably cautious manner. If a passenger is injured or killed in a car accident caused by driver negligence, that passenger -- or the family left behind -- may have legal recourse in civil court to hold the driver responsible for monetary damages. A passenger in a Missouri car accident recently lost his life after the driver lost control of his vehicle.

Missouri car accident leaves women injured, car totaled

Being rear-ended on the road can cause a driver to lose control and subsequently lead to serious injuries and damage to a vehicle. When a person is rear-ended by another vehicle and a car accident ensues, anyone injured in the accident should be aware of his or her rights as a victim and what legal recourse he or she may have in a civil court. One recent Missouri car accident led to injuries to two women as they were the victims of being rear-ended.

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