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August 2015 Archives

Brain injuries can be more difficult for family and friends

A brain injury is often referred to as an unseen injury. For the victims of brain injuries, the actual impact may not be as devastating as it may be for family and friends who have to bear the brunt of the effects of the injury. When a car accident in Missouri leads to brain injuries, the victims and families must be aware of the lasting impact and the financial cost of that lasting impact.

Head-on car accident takes 4 lives in Missouri

A head-on car accident can be difficult for authorities to investigate, even more so when there are no survivors of the car accident. This was the case with regard to a recent Missouri crash. The head-on car accident left four men dead, and investigators are still trying to decipher exactly what happened.

Teenager dies, others injured in Missouri car accident

Being stopped and waiting to make a turn can be a vulnerable position in which to be for any driver. When that position results in inadvertently being the victim of a car accident, Missouri drivers can suffer injuries or worse, as can their passengers. A recent accident in Missouri led to injuries for one innocent driver and the death of a teen passenger in the vehicle that caused the car accident.

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