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January 2016 Archives

Missouri car accident takes lives of teens, injures others

When a car is stopped in the roadway for any reason, it is a vulnerable position to be in. Yet, drivers in Missouri roadways should be aware of any cars that are stopped or slowed ahead of them to avoid any kind of rear-end collision. When a rear-end collision occurs, the injuries can be devastating. One recent car accident in Missouri occurred as a car was stopped in the road and an up-coming vehicle collided with it.

Injuries and fatality caused by car accident in Missouri

When a car is rear-ended while stopped on the road, the after-effects can be devastating. The force of the collision can easily lead to injuries and fatalities in certain cases. A recent car accident in Missouri resulted in both injuries and fatalities as a stopped SUV was rear-ended by another vehicle.

Railroad crossings and other hazards can cause train accidents

Trains are a highly powerful mode of transportation. This type of transportation is also highly regulated to protect the safety of those who operate trains, passengers on trains and the vehicles that may need to cross railroad tracks. Despite those regulations, accidents still occur along Missouri railroad crossings. These accidents may be the result of issues with the train or operator, or issues with the actual railroad crossing.

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