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Educating Missouri residents about TBI

A traumatic brain injury may be caused by a blow to the head or by any force strong enough to cause the brain to shake inside of the skull. For instance, an individual may experience a TBI after a car crash when his or her head hits the windshield or if the head is jolted without making contact with any surface. Other causes of TBIs may include time in war zones, domestic violence or playing contact sports.

An individual who sustains a TBI may have a wide range of injuries. The injuries may also range from mild to severe depending on what caused it. In some cases, individuals may black out for a period of time or suffer mild confusion after a blow to the head. Other symptoms may include drowsiness, headaches and depression. Some may sleep more than usual or less than usual after a head injury.

Symptoms may present themselves immediately over within days of the injury occurring. If a person sustains an open head injury, it may also be necessary to worry about an infection developing. Fluid buildup may also be a concern as it could lead to pressure and swelling within the brain that may need to addressed quickly. Medication may be prescribed to either help with seizures that could cause more damage or to put patients into a temporary coma.

Those who suffer a head injury may be unable to work, continue their education or otherwise live a normal life. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to pursue legal action against the party that caused the injury. If it can be proven that negligence caused the injury to occur, it may be possible to win compensation for lost wages and future earnings. Medical expenses and other related costs may also be awarded.

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