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Autonomous car crashes spark media interest

Missouri drivers may be curious about the potential posed by autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle technologies. Once the stuff of science-fiction portrayals, self-driving cars are being explored by a number of companies. For many, the technology presents an opportunity to significantly reduce the over 100 deaths that take place every day across the country as a result of motor vehicle collisions. However, there have been a number of accidents that have involved vehicles using some kind of semi-autonomous technology, all while a human driver was also present inside the car. These incidents have received widespread media attention, something executives and others involved in the industry have condemned.

People like Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, have criticized media coverage of autonomous car accidents, accusing the press of bias for putting more attention on these crashes than on deadly traditional crashes. These claims have been amplified when the car accidents involved cause few or no injuries. The industry supporters argue that fatal accidents receive no national attention, unlike relatively minor incidents involving some form of semi-autonomous technology.

However, journalists involved in the coverage have noted that the technology itself is fundamentally newsworthy, and this includes accidents in vehicles that are so equipped. People are interested in the changes to American driving that could take place as the result of self-driving cars. In addition, they note, the coverage emphasizes human fallibility rather than the dangers of technology; in many cases, crashes were caused by people failing to keep their eyes on the road.

While autonomous vehicle technology is intriguing, the vast majority of car accidents today take place through traditional human error and negligent or dangerous driving. When people are injured in an auto accident, they can work with a personal injury attorney who can work with them to advocate for compensation for the damages they have suffered, including lost wages and medical bills.

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