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Car crash injuries reduced at traffic circles

Missouri drivers may be in a surprising amount of danger on rural roads. While these streets often have far less traffic than urban roads, the combination of high speed and poorly controlled intersections may lead to disaster. Many rural intersections are joined only by a stop sign while the speed limits on these roads may be as high as 55 miles per hour. As a result, when a crash occurs, the consequences can be catastrophic. Some intersections may even develop a reputation for danger. The hazards can increase at night, in poor weather or when visibility is hindered by trees, brush or other vegetation.

While many areas have looked into installing traffic lights to address the issue, it may not be a complete solution. Traffic lights are proven to reduce the number of car accidents that take place at a given location. However, they may not significantly reduce the number of injuries and other serious incidents. On the other hand, roundabouts, or traffic circles, present another alternative. While they are less likely to substantially lower the number of accidents at a particular intersection, they can play a major role in making injury crashes less likely. In fact, roundabout construction often pays for itself within a year due to reduced emergency expenses.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon, but a major factor is that roundabouts require drivers to slow down as they approach the intersection. These same drivers may speed up when entering an intersection controlled by a traffic light or stop sign in an attempt to outrun a changing light or oncoming traffic.

In many cases, serious car accidents are caused by a dangerous, distracted or otherwise negligent driver. The consequences can include severe injuries, permanent disabilities and even fatalities. A personal injury lawyer can help accident victims seek compensation for their damages, including lost wages and medical bills.

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