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Don't risk your career with a criminal record

While some criminal offenses might be obvious acts that are difficult to defend -- for example, assault or burglary -- other criminal offenses are concerned with minute details of the law. When accused of a crime such as this, the person in question may not even know that they committed an offense. These white collar crimes are common in business law.

White collar criminal accusations can be defended against because many crimes within this category of the law require that intent was involved in order for a person to be successfully charged. If you face accusations of a white collar crime in Missouri, it is important that you take immediate action to defend yourself. These charges may be a felony. This could lead to jail time and could have serious implications on your career.

How do I defend myself against a white collar criminal accusation?

The defense strategy that you decide to take will depend largely on the specific circumstances that you found yourself in and on the exact type of white collar crime that you were accused of. However, crimes such as fraud or embezzlement require that intent was present as a part of the action. If you can convince the courts that you did not have bad intentions or had no intention of committing a crime, you will not face charges.

Similarly, you can use the complexity of business transactions to your advantage. By showing the complexity of the situation and the sheer amount of people involved, you may be able to successfully show that you had no knowledge of what was happening or the intentions of other people.

You may also be able to show that someone forced you or coerced you into taking a certain action by an employer or client

If you have been accused of a white collar crime, it is critical to not underestimate the effect that this could have on your career. Make sure that you carry out thorough research so that you understand the law.

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