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Train Accidents Archives

Passenger Train Derailments And Collisions Require Legal Help

A railroad accident can cause devastating injuries and damages for victims and families. These may result from passenger train derailments or collisions with cars at crossings in Missouri. Anyone involved in this type of accident may benefit from securing legal support in preparation for the submission of claims for the reimbursement of monetary damages incurred.

Railroad crossings and other hazards can cause train accidents

Trains are a highly powerful mode of transportation. This type of transportation is also highly regulated to protect the safety of those who operate trains, passengers on trains and the vehicles that may need to cross railroad tracks. Despite those regulations, accidents still occur along Missouri railroad crossings. These accidents may be the result of issues with the train or operator, or issues with the actual railroad crossing.

Know the dangers of railroad crossings in Missouri

Railroad crossings span the entire state of Missouri. Drivers and pedestrians in Missouri need to know the possible dangers of railroad crossings. Those individuals should also know their rights if they become involved in an accident involving one of these locations.

Obstructed views and other factors can lead to train accidents

A train accident can lead to substantial injuries and damage. With the high number of railroad crossings and tracks in Missouri, it is vital to realize how obstructed views and other factors can lead to collisions or accidents between trains and vehicle drivers. When those accidents or collisions lead to injuries or the death of an innocent driver or passenger, there are legal rights for those involved, particularly if negligence or misconduct on the part of the railroad or train operator can be shown.

Obstructed views and no lights lead to settlement in train crash

The appearance and maintenance of railroad tracks is strictly regulated by law and any lack of compliance can be deadly. After a Missouri woman lost her husband to a collision on train tracks, she sought financial relief from the railroad company. Her case was partially based on the fact obstructed views and lack of lights were believed to have played a role in the crash.

Train companies have responsibilities at railroad crossings

An accident involving a train is typically devastating. When an accident occurs at railroad crossings, victims should be aware of their rights and protections under the law. In certain situations and under specific circumstances, railroad companies may be held liable for the damages caused by train accidents in Missouri.

An accident can occur at railroad crossings in Missouri

Any kind of situation that pits a car against a train typically doesn't end well for the car or its driver. Despite the number of highly regulated and safe railroad crossings located in Missouri, accidents involving cars and trains do happen. There are certain circumstances under which a person injured in a train versus car accident may be entitled to pursue a personal injury case, seek a monetary award for any financial damages suffered.

Missouri authorities conduct safety sweep at railroad crossings

Motorists would be wise to obey all traffic signals for safety's sake. Although this is important at all times while on the road, it is especially important at railroad crossings. Motorists who ignore or accidentally overlook crossing warnings are putting themselves in grave danger of being hit by an oncoming train. This is why the Missouri State Highway Patrol has teamed up with local police in an operation to catch drivers ignoring these warnings.

69-year-old man injured in Racine train accident

At first glance, many train accidents that involve motor vehicles can appear to be the result of the vehicle not properly yielding to the train. However, despite the fact that many of these accidents occur at designated railroad crossings, the cause of the accident may not be as clear-cut as people may initially think. Only by taking a complete look at the circumstances surrounding the accident can the cause be truly understood.

Train accident in St. Louis injures 2

One of the most frightening thoughts any of us might have is to be helplessly stuck on train tracks as a locomotive charges toward us with no more than a few moments to rush to safety. A train accident is often treacherous, whether it occurs in Missouri or anyplace else, if for no other reason than the difference in size between the train and virtually any other vehicle with which it may collide. At times, obstructed views, poorly marked railroad crossings and even a train speeding on the tracks may explain the wreck that occurs. When that other vehicle is a car, the consequences are often disastrous. Unfortunately, two people ended up in a similar situation in St. Louis on April 24.

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