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Posts tagged "Brain injuries"

Brain injuries from auto accidents lead to financial difficulties

When auto accidents occur, victims may suffer injuries that are both seen and unseen. For many families, the unseen brain injuries suffered by loved ones can be much more devastating than the noticeable injuries. Missouri families may need assistance when it comes to assessing the true cost of brain injuries resulting from auto accidents as they try to determine the amount to seek through personal injury claims.

Real impact of brain injuries may be difficult to measure

When someone has been in an accident and has suffered injuries, a medical professional can typically give that victim some type of timeline for recovery. Yet when a brain injury is suffered, the true impact and long term outlook for recovery can be difficult to measure. Despite the difficulty of measuring brain injuries, anyone who has been in a car accident in Missouri may be interested in pursuing legal action to protect his or her rights and future.

Repeated head injury a lifelong concern for Missouri footballers

There have been many stories in the news over the past few years about football head injuries leading to lifelong problems for the victims of such collisions, in Missouri and across the nation.  Not only can a head injury cause permanent brain damage, but the personalities is affected in some cases.  Some reports suggest this may be what happened to former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher.

Brain injuries can vary and require expert care

Any kind of injury can have a long lasting impact on a victim's life. Brain injuries can require more care and can have a much deeper impact than many other injuries. In Missouri and elsewhere, patients and their families must be aware of the long-term outlook and projected costs for necessary treatments and ongoing medical care.

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