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Posts tagged "car accident"

Feds are asking phone makers to block features for drivers

As smartphone technology develops at light speed, distracted driving is no longer just texting. Now phone users can drive while they navigate, read Facebook, check the weather, get caught up on the news and view their daily schedule. Phone features are evolving quicker than manufacturers can consider the repercussions. Safety analysts are concerned as distracted driving begins to skyrocket.

Missouri car accident takes life of teenager

Any kind of collision can lead to serious injuries, but a collision between a smaller car and large truck can be deadly due to the difference in size of the vehicles. Tragedy struck recently in Missouri as a car and truck collided on the roadway. The car accident left a mother injured and a teenage girl dead.

Wet roads may have caused car accident in Missouri

A head-on collision can cause extensive damages and lead to injuries regardless of the circumstances. One recent car accident in Missouri led to injuries for multiple people involved. The 18-year-old driver of the vehicle reported to have caused the wreck may have lost control due to wet road conditions.

Multi-vehicle car accident kills two in Missouri

Multi-vehicle car accidents that involve tractor-trailers on the roadway can be a recipe for disaster as the number and size of vehicles will play a role in the types of injuries that may occur. One recent car accident in Missouri involved multiple vehicles and also involved a tractor-trailer. This chain reaction crash resulted in injuries and, unfortunately, two deaths.

Distracted driving may have caused Missouri car accident

An accident can, quite literally, occur at any time or any place on the roadway. Distracted driving or a moment of inattentiveness can have devastating consequences for Missouri drivers and passengers. One recent car accident between a car and a tractor-trailer may have been caused by driver inattentiveness or distraction.

Multiple vehicle car accident injures many on Missouri highway

Whenever one or two vehicles are involved in a car accident, the aftermath can be devastating for those involved. When a car accident ends up involving a multiple vehicle pile-up, the consequences can be even more destructive. One recent car accident in Missouri has garnered news as it morphed into a 30 vehicle wreck that injured many victims.

Passenger allegedly causes Missouri car accident

Whenever a person transports passengers in his or her vehicle, that driver is taking on the legal responsibility to safeguard any and all passengers in that vehicle. When a person is a passenger in a vehicle, he or she also has a responsibility not to hinder the safe operation of that vehicle with his or her own safety and the safety of others in mind. One passenger in Missouri may be facing criminal charges and could possibly face a civil complaint after a recent car accident.

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