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Posts tagged "distracted driving"

Feds are asking phone makers to block features for drivers

As smartphone technology develops at light speed, distracted driving is no longer just texting. Now phone users can drive while they navigate, read Facebook, check the weather, get caught up on the news and view their daily schedule. Phone features are evolving quicker than manufacturers can consider the repercussions. Safety analysts are concerned as distracted driving begins to skyrocket.

Distracted driving may have caused Missouri car accident

An accident can, quite literally, occur at any time or any place on the roadway. Distracted driving or a moment of inattentiveness can have devastating consequences for Missouri drivers and passengers. One recent car accident between a car and a tractor-trailer may have been caused by driver inattentiveness or distraction.

Distracted driving may have led to deadly Missouri crash

When there is an accident, particularly one with injuries or a death involved, the state police may need to investigate all aspects of the crash to determine the cause and if any criminal charges may be warranted. The Missouri State Police recently investigated a car accident, and the driver has now been charged. It appears as if distracted driving may have played a role in the deadly car accident.

Missouri car accident takes the lives of elderly couple

Whenever cars dart in and out of lanes or need to make quick maneuvers, there may be an increased chance of a traffic accident. Factors such as distracted driving, inattentiveness or other issues can make the need for quick or defensive maneuvers even more necessary. A recent car accident in Missouri highlights how dangerous it can be when a car has to swerve out of the way of another.

Sneezing alleged to have led to Missouri car accident

Medical conditions of all sorts can be pointed to be as being a factor in a car accident. However, regardless of what condition a driver suffered from when they caused the car accident, this may not free them from potential criminal and civil penalties. In a recent tragic case, Missouri police have pointed to a woman's sneezing fit as the reason why two cars collided.

Car accident injures 2-year-old as mom talks on cellphone

A Missouri car accident is often attributable to distracted driving or some other form of negligence. An increasing number of collisions are said to be caused by the use of cellphones while operating a motor vehicle. Each time an individual gets behind the wheel of a car in our state, he or she owes a duty of reasonable care to passengers and others in or near the roadway. One 2-year-old boy from Meta was critically injured in a single-car accident on the afternoon of Feb. 11, and he was airlifted from the crash scene to the Women's and Children's Hospital at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

Fatal car accidents involving teens on rise in Missouri

Unfortunately, a new study has revealed that the number of 16 and 17-year-olds killed in car accidents in Missouri increased during the first half of 2011, and officials say that inattention or distracted driving is a major reason for the accidents.

NTSB calls for ban of cell use, Missouri lawmakers say not likely

Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board called upon states to enact laws that would ban the use of cellphones while driving. As an example of the dangers of using a cellphone while driving, federal transportation officials cited a 2010 Missouri car accident in which a teen driver had been sending text messages right before he failed to slow down for construction and crashed into a taxi on a Missouri highway. Two buses full of high school students crashed in the wreck, which injured 38 people and left two dead.

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