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Missouri pedestrian died after car accident

Walking down a roadway or highway can be a dangerous activity any time of day. However, when it is nighttime, it can be even more dangerous for pedestrians to walk alongside the road. For one Missouri man, walking along the road led to his death after he was involved in a car accident.

Missouri pedestrian killed in hit-and-run accident

Anytime a pedestrian is walking down the street, having their guard up for oncoming vehicles is vital. However, if a vehicle is erratic on the road or being driven by someone who is under the influence, being alert may not be enough to ensure safety while walking along a roadway. One Missouri pedestrian recently became the victim of a hit-and-run accident and an alleged intoxicated driver behind the wheel may be to blame.

Missouri car accident leaves man dead on the roadway

Whenever there is a two-vehicle car crash, the chances of injuries may be great for those in either vehicle. However, once the parties exit the vehicle after a car accident and examine the damage, there may be a sense of relief that everyone is apparently safe. One recent Missouri car accident made news when one of the men involved in the collision survived the initial impact, but later died after passing out at the scene while inspecting the damage done to his vehicle.

Wrongful death? Missouri couple killed in crash with semi

Most of the time, passenger vehicles and semi-trucks share the road safely. However, if a crash occurs involving a car and a semi, the results can be catastrophic. A family is now left to mourn the loss of a Missouri couple who died after their SUV collided head-on with a tractor-trailer. Though several factors may have contributed to this accident, the victims' family may have grounds for a wrongful death suit if there is any evidence of negligence.

Missouri car accident fatalities in 2012 up from previous year

Wearing a seat belt is literally a matter of life and death, and many traffic fatalities can be prevented if seat belts are used. Unfortunately, data recently released by the Missouri State Highway Patrol showed an increase in the number of traffic fatalities in 2012, and in many of these cases, seat belts were not worn. The number of car accident deaths in our state was 818 in 2012, up from 786 fatalities in 2011.

Missouri man killed in car accident while standing near vehicle

When details are initially released concerning a fatal car accident, it can be difficult for individuals to reach a conclusion as to what caused it. In some cases, very few details will have been released due to Missouri police still working the scene of the car accident. However, as police complete their investigative tasks, it is likely that more information will be disclosed that will shed some further light on the accident's circumstances.

Tragedy strikes in Missouri car accident

Losing a child as a result of a car accident is one of the most tragic events that any parent can endure. It is difficult to fathom any individual involved in such a car accident emerging from the ordeal unscathed. Missouri police are normally assigned the difficult job of investigating a fatal crash to determine what happened and what factors may have played a role in the tragedy.

Wrongful death action may follow criminal charges

One factor to possibly consider in evaluating whether a civil action should be brought as a result of a fatal accident is whether police filed criminal charges against one of the drivers involved. This determination can assist the victim's family in determining whether they wish to file a wrongful death action in a Missouri civil court in order for them to seek compensatory and possibly other damages permitted under our state laws. In a recent fatal accident, a man has been criminally charged for being involved in an accident that killed a 9-year-old boy, though it is as yet unclear if the parents of the child are considering a civil lawsuit as well.

Missouri man may be in serious trouble after car accident

When a Missouri accident results in serious injury or death, police may look into whether criminal charges should be filed against the driver who they determine was responsible for causing the wreck. Investigating whether alcohol, cell phone usage or other factors played a role may lead Missouri police to issue criminal charges that may expose the driver to potential civil and criminal consequences. A man who is alleged to have caused a three car accident was recently arrested after police say he initiated a head-on collision that killed one child and sent several others to the hospital.

Sneezing alleged to have led to Missouri car accident

Medical conditions of all sorts can be pointed to be as being a factor in a car accident. However, regardless of what condition a driver suffered from when they caused the car accident, this may not free them from potential criminal and civil penalties. In a recent tragic case, Missouri police have pointed to a woman's sneezing fit as the reason why two cars collided.

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