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Posts tagged "negligence"

Sneezing alleged to have led to Missouri car accident

Medical conditions of all sorts can be pointed to be as being a factor in a car accident. However, regardless of what condition a driver suffered from when they caused the car accident, this may not free them from potential criminal and civil penalties. In a recent tragic case, Missouri police have pointed to a woman's sneezing fit as the reason why two cars collided.

Avoiding a Missouri truck accident can be difficult to accomplish

Large trucks are everywhere, transporting a wide range of goods across Missouri each day. These trucks can be difficult to operate, especially if other vehicles do not give the driver of the truck the proper opportunity to maneuver through traffic. When a truck is forced to make sudden movements on the road, this can lead to a dangerous truck accident that can put the occupants of the truck and other Missouri motorists at serious risk of personal injuries.

2-car accident kills married Festus couple

A two-car accident has resulted in the death of a married couple. According to Missouri police, the car accident occurred one morning in mid June. At the time of the accident, an elderly couple was driving along Highway 61 when a teenage boy ran a red light and struck the driver's side of the couple's vehicle.

Columbia pedestrian injured after being hit by car

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a 31-year-old Columbia man was hit by a vehicle as he tried to cross the road late last month just east of Route N. The man sustained injuries and had to be transported to Boone Hospital Center, where he was listed in serious condition. He was later transferred to University Hospital. It is not known if the 45-year-old driver of the vehicle was injured or if he was charged with any traffic violations related to the car accident.

Car crash kills one on military base, seriously injures another

Columbia, Missouri, residents who lose loved ones to a car accident or suffer personal injury as the result of someone else's negligence may be entitled to compensation under Missouri law. And the family of a man killed in a car accident at the Missouri military base Fort Leonard Wood may have cause for a wrongful death claim following the results of the investigation into the accident.

Two-vehicle crash causes serious injury to Columbia student

Distracted driving is the cause of many accidents in Columbia. When two vehicles are involved, it is not always immediately clear whether one or both drivers are at fault. When an accident leaves a passenger seriously injured, the first concern is for the victim.

Dump truck accident causes life-threatening injuries

The cause of a motor-vehicle accident is not always immediately clear. There are hundreds of truck accidents every year on highways in and around Columbia, many resulting in life-threatening injuries or fatalities. Often times, negligence on the part of a driver involved in the crash, or equipment failure, offers an explanation as to what may have happened. Road conditions, faulty maintenance, and driver fatigue are just a few of the other factors that can contribute to the cause of an accident. A full investigation is generally necessary to best understand what events transpired and, when appropriate, assign responsibility.

Alleged drunk driver flips car over in Columbia

Accidents that result from the poor decisions of another road user can cost lives, both here in Columbia and throughout the country. The consequences of an error in judgment like this can be life-changing, not only for the driver making the mistake, but for anyone injured as a result of it. Drunk driving is a prime example. People injured by the negligence of a drunk driver are often entitled to be compensated for their injuries and their pain and suffering.

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