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Momma, don't let your babies grow up to be NFL players

Studies over the past number of years have revealed a massive amount of brain injuries suffered by football players, especially those in the National Football League (NFL). By studying numerous NFL players, both living and dead, experts discovered the following terrifying statistics:

Do you have an unsightly scar caused by an accident or animal attack?

If you have a scar, laceration or permanent disfigurement from an animal attack in Missouri, you are not alone. Bites from dogs and injuries from other types of animals are not the most common source of scars in the state. However, a recent study of health insurance claims throughout the country revealed that Missouri has a higher number of animal attack injury claims than those of other states.

Missouri pedestrian died after car accident

Walking down a roadway or highway can be a dangerous activity any time of day. However, when it is nighttime, it can be even more dangerous for pedestrians to walk alongside the road. For one Missouri man, walking along the road led to his death after he was involved in a car accident.

Missouri head-on car accident leaves several injured

When drivers are on the road, regardless of their own driving skills or ability to follow the rules of the road, they are truly at the mercy of other drivers. For a vehicle driving on a Missouri roadway recently, being in their own lane didn't prevent them from becoming embroiled in a car accident. The two cars involved hit virtually head-on shortly after 6 p.m.

Missouri highway chain reaction car accident injures 2 people

Anytime a vehicle is left alongside the roadway for any reason, there is the risk that it could get hit by another vehicle. There is also the potential that it could cause injuries if other vehicles come alone and hit a disabled car. Recently, a disabled car led to a chain reaction car accident on a Missouri highway and injuries occurred as a result.

Missouri multi-car and truck accident injures several

A multi vehicle accident ended with several injured during what would typically be considered rush hour on the highway. The Missouri roadway car and truck accident happened while one lane of the highway was closed, and it led to heavy traffic buildup afterwards along with the need for a clean-up crew. There is currently an investigation underway into the accident.

Missouri patients with brain injuries face long road

When an individual in Missouri sustains a serious brain injury, the focus is rightfully on the immediate aftermath of the incident and the emergency treatment options. In the days and weeks following the event, friends and family gather to support the patient, and to wait for news of the long term prognosis for recovery. While brain injuries fall along a wide scale in terms of severity, for many the eventual outcome involves the need for long term care.

Tragedy strikes in Missouri car accident

Losing a child as a result of a car accident is one of the most tragic events that any parent can endure. It is difficult to fathom any individual involved in such a car accident emerging from the ordeal unscathed. Missouri police are normally assigned the difficult job of investigating a fatal crash to determine what happened and what factors may have played a role in the tragedy.

Fatal Missouri truck accident details are still emerging

A fatal truck accident can be big news for the community at large. In many cases, individuals who live near the area of a truck accident will check back frequently in order to see if further details have been released by Missouri police. Although the public has a right to know the details surrounding such a tragic event, this right does not trump law enforcement's need to conduct a thorough investigation that can, in certain circumstances, take time to complete.

Missouri driver admits guilt, now faces wrongful death action

A woman has admitted guilt in a criminal court for her role in a fatal car accident that took the lives of three people. The Missouri court accepted the woman's plea and sentenced her to probation for 2 years. The woman now must face a wrongful death civil suit that was filed by the mother of one of the victims. It was not indicated whether additional claims will be made on behalf of the other accident victims.

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