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Posts tagged "serious injuries"

Missouri head-on car accident leaves several injured

When drivers are on the road, regardless of their own driving skills or ability to follow the rules of the road, they are truly at the mercy of other drivers. For a vehicle driving on a Missouri roadway recently, being in their own lane didn't prevent them from becoming embroiled in a car accident. The two cars involved hit virtually head-on shortly after 6 p.m.

Truck accident seriously injures Missouri woman

Tractor-trailer drivers must use the utmost care and caution as they drive on roadways in our state and across the country. A crash between a semi and a smaller vehicle has potentially catastrophic consequences. This was recently proven when a Missouri woman sustained significant injuries in a truck accident that caused her to be thrown more than 100 feet from her vehicle.

Car accident in Missouri seriously injures 3, including driver

When a single-car accident occurs, it is not always clear what may have caused or contributed to it. Investigators must examine the evidence thoroughly in order to determine how the crash happened. Such a car accident occurred recently in Missouri, resulting in serious injuries to all three of the vehicle's occupants. If the authorities determine that a negligent or reckless act may have contributed to the car accident, the injured parties may wish to seek recourse under our state's personal injury laws.

Chain reaction car accident in Columbia injures 3

Multi-car accidents have the potential to cause injury to large numbers of people. That is why it is so important for investigators to thoroughly examine any possible cause to determine who or what may be at fault. Recently, a chain reaction car accident occurred in Columbia that involved four cars and sent three people to the hospital. It is possible that the circumstances surrounding the crash may provide enough evidence to successfully litigate a personal injury claim, should the injured victims decide to pursue one.

69-year-old man injured in Racine train accident

At first glance, many train accidents that involve motor vehicles can appear to be the result of the vehicle not properly yielding to the train. However, despite the fact that many of these accidents occur at designated railroad crossings, the cause of the accident may not be as clear-cut as people may initially think. Only by taking a complete look at the circumstances surrounding the accident can the cause be truly understood.

Missouri woman killed in car accident, 3 others hospitalized

Drivers of vehicles involved in accidents are some of the most susceptible to sustaining serious injuries. However, despite their risk and the injuries they may sustain in a car accident, they may still be held responsible for injuries that were sustained by the passengers in the vehicle if it is determined that the driver was negligent. In a recent tragic Missouri car accident, the driver was killed and three others were sent to the hospital after they were involved in an early morning collision with another vehicle.

Tragedy strikes Missouri family due to fatal car accident

No words can describe how a family is ever able to come to terms with the loss of a young child from a fatal car accident. In many cases, a driver's moment of inattention or distraction turns an otherwise uneventful day into a tragedy from which a family may never truly recover. In a recent Missouri car accident, an 11-month-old girl died after she and her grandfather and aunt were struck by a car as they left church on a Sunday morning.

Missouri teen dies in car accident; 2 others hospitalize

A mere moment of negligent driving is all it may take for a fatal accident to occur. These accidents can be made more severe when the occupants of the vehicle are not properly restrained. In a recent car accident in Missouri, one teenage boy is dead and two remain in the hospital after they were involved in a single vehicle accident in the early morning.

Car wrecks caused by inattention on the rise in Missouri

Although it is too early to tell exactly what caused a recent fatal accident, there have been many fatal car accidents along Missouri roads in 2012. The most recent accident occurred when the driver of a motor vehicle allegedly traveled into the opposite lane and struck another vehicle head on. Whether the crash was yet another of the car wrecks caused by inattention that plague our roadways remain to be seen.

Man seriously injured in car accident on Missouri highway

A man was seriously injured recently after a vehicle struck his bicycle as he rode with a friend. A West Coast school superintendent, he and a friend were on a long-distance bike ride that started in St. Louis. The car accident occurred when a vehicle clipped the man's bike as he and his friend rode west on Highway 20, which covers a part of the historic Lewis and Clark Trail.

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