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Missouri truck accident case hinges on evidence and timeliness

A truck accident case can be complex and leave an injured driver unaware of his or her rights and unsure about what to do next. Trucking companies and insurance companies may work hard to protect truck drivers after they have been involved in truck accidents. If you were involved in a truck accident in Missouri, you might want to realize the importance of evidence preservation and timely action regarding a potential personal injury suit.

Missouri truck accident takes 5 lives on Interstate 435

When smaller vehicles share the road with tractor-trailer trucks, there may always be the potential for an accident. Because of the vast difference in size, an accident involving a big rig can lead to extensive damages and severe injuries. This was the case after a recent Missouri truck accident occurred and several people lost their lives as a result.

Truck accident turns fatal, leads to chain reaction crash

There are always trucks on the road. Truck drivers are highly trained, and many car drivers are adept at driving alongside or sharing the road with large trucks. However, when a truck accident occurs, the sheer size and weight of the truck may mean the results are much more devastating compared to when cars collide or crash. A recent truck accident in Missouri turned deadly as the truck went into another lane.

A Missouri truck accident can involve many factors

Virtually everyone in Missouri knows that special training is required in order to drive an 18-wheeler. Not only is this required because of the complexity of a big-rig's engine, but also because it takes skill to maneuver these big and heavy vehicles — especially when loaded. The training that the men and women who drive these behemoths receive includes safety measures aimed at preventing a truck accident.

Missouri woman injured in truck accident

Cars and trucks can be unpredictable, and things can go wrong at the worst possible moment. Breakdowns or other issues can happen virtually anywhere and anytime. When someone is driving and the car becomes disabled, it can be difficult or nearly impossible to get the car off the road and away from the line of traffic. One Missouri woman was injured in a truck accident as she was tending to her disabled car.

Head-on truck accident in Missouri injures baby

Driving along the highway when there are tractor trailers anywhere nearby can be intimidating. The danger level also increases when trucks are on the road with smaller cars. A recent truck accident in Missouri highlighted those dangers when a child was seriously injured.

Truck accident seriously injures Missouri woman

Being passed by or passing a tractor-trailer truck can be an intimidating experience. However, when all parties safely maneuver their vehicles, mishaps are usually few and far between. Yet, a truck accident can still happen at any time and have devastating consequences due to the sheer size and weight of the big rigs. A recent Missouri truck accident left a car driver seriously injured.

Truck accident in Missouri involves 7 vehicles, injuries

Anytime there is an accident involving more than two vehicles, it can be difficult to determine what happened or who may be at fault. Whenever there is a truck involved, the injuries can be compounded by the sheer weight and size of the vehicles. A Missouri truck accident recently occurred, and a total of seven vehicles were involved.

Missouri truck accident leaves a mom dead, others injured

Sharing the roadway with tractor trailers can be an intimidating experience for other drivers on the road under the best of circumstances. Most people assume the drivers of tractor trailers are highly trained and skilled, exercising the utmost in safety standards when they are on the road. However, a recent truck accident in Missouri proves this isn't always the case as a truck driver allegedly caused a deadly crash.

Truck accident takes the life of Missouri man

Riding a bike along the highway can be dangerous under the best of circumstances. Even when following all of the rules of the road, having trucks pass by on a busy highway can make traveling by bike a nerve-racking experience. For one bicyclist, a truck accident on the Missouri highway proved deadly.

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